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Our Focus is Your Care and Your Healthier Smile

Thank you for seeking information about our practice and expressing interest in your health. Our mission is your healthy smile. If you are interested in wellness, and in a natural, integrative, alternative approach to biological dentistry, we are dedicated to researching and providing patient education to help you make informed choices. We believe that everyone benefits from this educational process and from making healthier choices. Completing the new patient forms will provide both you and our office with insights about your health history and your potential healthier smile. We have listening ears, experience, skill and the intention of restoring your smile.

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Dr. Steve Evans and his staff welcome you to our family friendly practice located in Bullard Texas, ten minutes from Tyler “The Rose Capital”. If we think of individuals like roses in a rose garden, we recognize that all roses are beautiful and come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.  We understand that people are also unique and, while we all may need the same basic nutrients, water, air and sunshine, necessary for optimum wellness, each of us have individual concerns. We strive to listen and handle each person with individualized care. 

Roses have thorns and most people have encountered "thorny" challenges in life and with their health, however, when we focus on the proper care of the "rose" we can work around the thorns that exist, overcome the challenges, learn to "handle with care" and enjoy the unique and exquisite opportunity each life presents.  We believe preventive, comprehensive and compassionate dental care, provided in a healthy environment, can help you find your smile.  We listen to you and work with you to help you understand your options and allow you to discover ways of potentially:

  • Improving your dental function
  • Restoring your overall health
  • Enriching and lengthening your quality of life
  • Enhancing and enjoying your way of life
  • Broadening your smile

Current research supports the logical conclusion that the teeth are not a seperate part of the body and recognizes the link between oral and systemic health.  Whole body and dental health is achievable through researching, learning, deciding, committing, and applying healthier choices, with a skilled health care team, dedicated to helping you accomplish your potential for wellness.

Dr Evans has been providing families with a healthier gentle dental approach since 1985.  He welcomes new patients and he values the trusting relationships developed through the years.  Many patients are second and third generations of his patients who have been with him from the beginning of his practice. He appreciates the opportunity to work with patients and other health care providers who embrace wellness; individuals he characterizes as “Truth Seekers” dedicated to achieving their potential.

Dr. Evans is a licensed dentist with a wide variety of training, certifications and experiences that allow him to provide dental consultation, advice, and services.  He provides the appropriate information to allow patients to make informed decisions regarding their health.  The intention for this website is for educational purposes related to dental options and it is our expectation that individuals will exercise common sense related to their personal medical and dental care. Practitioners and individuals must take complete responsibility for their use of this information.  Our goal is to provide the highest quality dental services required to restore your smile regardless of where you are on your health journey or what language you speak.  Afterall, everyone smiles in the same language.